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Eliminates Mosquitoes and other flying insects

Mosquitoes carry the West Nile virus which can trigger fever, meningitis and even death!

The unique design of this outdoor mosquito trap unit uses Ultraviolet Black Light technology combined with specially formulated attractants.

Mosquites and flying insects are lured into the unit where they are captured on the patented auto advancing cartridge trapping system.

Combines ultraviolet black light and special attractants to lure and trap mosquitoes and flying insects and a large capacity, exculusive 30 day auto advancing replaceable cartridge.

Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator Trap Picture

  • Trap Mosquitos in Outdoor Restaurants
  • Trap Mosquitos on Golf Course Patios
  • Catch Mosquitos in Public Garden Areas
  • Eliminate Mosquitos in Food Preparation Areas
  • Catch and kill Mosquitos Outdoor Eating Areas
  • Trap and Eliminate Mosquitos in Horse Barns
  • Catch and Control Mosquitos on Poultry and Egg Ranches


  • Decorative unit looks good while trapping mosquitos.
  • Proprietary black light technology combined with special attractants
  • Exclusive automatic advance 30 day cartridge mosquito trapping system
  • Versatile design
  • Fresh sticky surface and attractants released continuously to help assure maximum potential for killing and eliminating mosquitos
  • The mosquito trapping system is environmentally friendly and meets applicable guidelines


  • Customers are unaware that it is a mosquito/flying insect trap
  • Attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects
  • Replaceable/disposable cartridge eliminates large quantities of mosquitoes/flying insects
  • Can be wall mounted or free standing
  • No scattered insect parts from electrocution and no hazards from chemical pesticides

Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator™

Includes one bulb and one cartridge. Mosquito Eliminator
Part # 650110 - $175.00 EACH

Eliminate and trap mosquitos  in any outdoor area Eliminate mosquitos on outdoor patios
Mosquito Eliminator, trapper and killer diagram and breakout
PDF Files Available for this Product:
Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator PDF Documentation and Informational Flyer

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